The original 2014 Plymouth Barracuda

The original Plymouth Barracuda was not a muscle car; powered by a slant six or a 273 V8 (later getting an optional 340 or 383), the Barracuda was a (then-hot) Valiant with a fastback rear. Barracuda was praised for its fine “European style” handling; some critics said the Formula S, with the 340 or smaller engine, could beat comparable German cars on twists and turns. It took six years for Barracuda to leave the small “A” body, largely so Plymouth could stuff the big 440 and 426 Hemi engines into it.

Ironically, the Plymouth Duster, created using the same formula as the original 1964 Barracuda, was a major sales success — despite only having room for the 340 under the hood.